About our Restaurant

Located some 15 miles west of Aurora, Illinois, on Route 30, is a little piece of heaven where the treats are as sweet as the welcoming smiles. At one time, the Dairy Joy restaurant was the only eatery to be found in the relaxed farming community of Hinckley in DeKalb County.

Dairy Joy founder Warren "Red" Burmester was instrumental in establishing the legendary menu and personality. Wyn and Jan Wahlgren, the current Dairy Joy owners, were born and raised in Hinckley and Big Rock respectively. Now married over 41 years, they never dreamed they would be operating this local landmark today. Since taking over 22 years ago, they have added lots of new menu items.

Much more than an old-fashioned ice cream parlor or hamburger joint, Dairy Joy is a unique one-of-a-kind classic American restaurant. With inside seating, an outside patio, and a walk-up window, Dairy Joy has been a favorite community gathering place for more than 50 years, where appetites are quickly satisfied and memories are formed and perpetuated.

While Wyn and Jan admit that running a restaurant is hard work, they also quickly acknowledge the rewards of having loyal customers, plus enthusiastic and dedicated employees, who, with their siblings and friends, keep the atmosphere light and family-like. "The wonderful kids who have worked for us – and our wonderful customers too – these friendships make it all worthwhile."

Take yourself back to the "good ole days," or perhaps "back to the future," and visit Dairy Joy in Hinckley. Whether you crave a cheeseburger or an ice cream cone, or just want to count the cars on a passing freight train while you're popping French fries in your mouth, if you come sample the traditions and tastes that generations earlier have enjoyed at Dairy Joy, you'll understand why folks return again and again. Open 7 days a week from the first of March until the end of October, Dairy Joy is a mainstay on the main drag of Hinckley. You can't miss it.